Text Box: Product List:
Rice varieties 20lb &10lb.

  Swad Sona masoori Rice  20lb

To contact us call:


Text Box: We open seven days a week.Business hours:
Monday to Sunday11.00 am to 9.00pm

Laxmi  Sona masoori Rice 20lb

Royal Sona masoori Rice   20lb

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NIRAV  Sona masoori Rice 20lb

  Swad Idli Rice  20lb

Laxmi  Idli Rice 20lb

Laxmi ponni raw rice 20lb

Anand Idli  Rice 20lb

  Tilda Basmati Rice  10lb

Zaf.Reserve Basmati Rice 20lb

Royal Basmati Rice 15lb

 Zafrani basmati Rice 10lb

Zebra  basmati Rice 20lb

  Swad Basmati Rice  10lb

Laxmi Basmati Rice 10lb

Royal brown Basmati Rice 10lb

khazana basmati Rice 10lb

NIRAV  basmati Rice 10lb

  Basmati Rice  4lb

Laxmi Basmati Rice 4lb

Laxmi sona masoori Rice 4lb

 Nirav sona masoori Rice 4lb

NIRAV  basmati Rice 4lb

SWAGAT                                                             8329 Michigan rd

INDI AN GROCERY                                                                        Indianapolis, IN

                                                                46268                                                             TEL: 317-846-1700


Text Box:  Business hours:
Monday      :11.00 am to 8.30pm
Tuesday      :holiday
Wednesday :11:00am to 8.30pm
Break on wed 1:00pm to 4.00pm
Friday         :12:30pm to 8:30pm
Sat & sun    :11:00am to 8:00pm

We closed on 
Next day of thanksgiving(Friday),
Christmasday , New year day
Text Box: Vegetables every Friday
 after noon 
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Text Box: Sponsored GITA in 2011,13,14&15
Text Box: Halal goat meat & chicken is available

Call for details 317-846-1700